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Leyla McCalla can pull a few strings

Leyla McCalla's latest album,
Leyla McCalla's latest album, "The Capitalist Blues," is a blend of Haitian folk music and New Orleans jazz.
Sarrah Danziger

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Her Real Folk Blues

(Starts at 7:45)

Leyla McCalla is a multi-instrumentalist and American roots musician. Following a stint with the Grammy-winning folk group, Carolina Chocolate Drops, she’s crafted a solo career inspired by a wide range of music. McCalla’s parents are Haitian immigrants and human rights activists in New York City. For nearly 10 years, McCalla has lived in New Orleans and become a key member of its thriving roots music scene. On her latest album, “The Capitalist Blues,” McCalla speaks truth to power with her own blend of New Orleans jazz and Haitian folk music. She recently visited The Frame's studio to chat with guest host Steven Cuevas.

Apple makes its streaming move

(Starts at :45)

The content giant revealed details today of its platform to compete with established players in the streaming world. Dawn Chmielewski of Forbes is at the Apple presentation and chats with Steven Cuevas about what she heard. 

What teenage girls think

(Starts at 18:45)

Sarah DeLappe's play, "The Wolves," examines the lives of an underrepresented group in drama — teenage girls. The one-act play follows an all-girls soccer team between matches. As they prepare for practices and games, the nine teenaged characters discuss everything from the Khmer Rouge to unplanned pregnancies. "The Wolves" was a finalist in 2017 for the Pulitzer Prize in drama. DeLappe says the origins of the play go all the way back to when she was just nine years old, watching the 1999 Women's World Cup finals at the Rose Bowl — the famous game when Brandi Chastain ripped off her jersey after scoring the winning goal. The play is currently having its L.A. premiere at the Atwater Village Theater. The Frame host John Horn spoke with DeLappe about "The Wolves" and what it has meant to audiences to see teenage girls represented in this way on stage.