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A song called 'Quiet' is still making noise

The singer/songwriter Connie Lim, who goes by MILCK.
The singer/songwriter Connie Lim, who goes by MILCK.

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A Musical touchstone for the Me Too era

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Two years ago, the song "Quiet" went viral. It was written in 2015 by the L.A.-based singer/songwriter Connie Lim (who goes by MILCK) as a way of dealing with the aftermath of having been sexually assaulted as a teenager. Her idea in 2017 was to recruit some fellow singers to perform the song during the Women's March in Washington, DC. When a video of one of their performances started getting shared widely on social media, it was clear that the song had struck a chord. After women around the world began sharing their own performances of the song, MILCK started "I Can't Keep Quiet Day" (April 8) as a way to keep the momentum of the viral "Quiet" moment going. In 2017 there were flash mob performances of the song, in 2018 it was a concert, and this year it's an online storytelling collaboration project. MILCK spoke with The Frame's John Horn about how she hopes the project will help amplify the voices of people who've previously felt unheard.

Music is about to bloom at Coachella

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With the first weekend coming up, there's a bit of news: Solange has pulled out, citing "major production delays." But fans of the Knowles family can be comforted by the April 17 release on Netflix of Beyoncé's astounding performance from last year. Mikael Wood, a pop music writer at the Los Angeles Times, tells John what to expect this year, with headliners that include Childish Gambino.

So Close, So Good

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Nyfe and Amada are the indie hip-hop duo Closegood. The 22-year-olds, who are both trans, began making music after meeting at a small community college in Northern California where LGBTQ culture was entirely absent. Their debut album, "Graven," blends experimental hip-hop with poetry and emo music and is their attempt to create a genre that speaks to other isolated trans people.