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Andy Borowitz tries to be a stand-up guy

Humorist Andy Borowitz is on a tour performing stand-up comedy.
Humorist Andy Borowitz is on a tour performing stand-up comedy.

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Yuks, from the page to the stage

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Author and comedian Andy Borowitz is known for his satirical news column, The Borowitz Report, in The New Yorker magazine. Since creating the column in 2001, he’s earned millions of readers and a National Press Club award for humor. Before writing for The New Yorker, he worked in television where he created the NBC series, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Now, Borowitz has adapted his award-winning column for a stand-up tour, “The Make America Not Embarrassing Again Tour.” He spoke with The Frame’s John Horn about bringing his satirical writing to the stage.

A protest against 'The Birth of a Nation'

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After protests from students, the faculty at Chapman University in Orange County has voted to remove two posters from "The Birth of a Nation" from display at the film school. The 1915 film is largely seen as glorifying the Ku Klux Klan. The posters had been donated by Cecilia DeMille Presley, the granddaughter of filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille. John gets the latest on the college's decision with Jill Replogle, KPCC's Orange County reporter. 

Finding humor in dark places

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It may not seem like fodder for a stand-up routine, but Angelina Spicer's experience with postpartum depression has found an audience at comedy clubs across Southern California. She was once known for sketch parodies of Beyonce and Tyra Banks, and for her satirical remixes of hit songs. But after severe anxiety and depression led to a stay at a psychiatric hospital, she found that PPD was something to integrate into her work on stage and off. Three years later, she's an "accidental activist," lobbying in Sacramento and Washington D.C. and advocating for maternal mental health.