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And the Tony Award nominees are ...

The cast of Jez Butterworth's
The cast of Jez Butterworth's "The Ferryman," which takes place entirely in the kitchen of a family in Northern Ireland. The show has a Tony nomination for best new play.

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The neon lights are bright on Broadway

The current Broadway season, much to the surprise of many who worried that the industry is being swallowed by big brand blockbuster musicals, was dominated by plays — 21 in all, many of them new, several of them profitable, and some quite adventurous. Jesse Green, co-theater critic at the New York Times, gives John Horn his take on the nominations and the current state of Broadway.

How 'The Good Fight' changed tactics

Michelle and Robert King are the creators of the courtroom comedy-drama, “The Good Fight.” It’s a spinoff of CBS’ “The Good Wife” and stars Christine Baranski as a lawyer navigating a post-factual world. “The Good Fight” grapples with hotbed issues such as racism, misogyny and political extremism. Even though the show behaves like a commentary on the Trump presidency, it didn't start out that way. They filmed the pilot believing Hillary Clinton would become president. The Frame’s John Horn spoke with the Kings about how that changed their storyline and characters.