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Hulu makes a big move with Kidman, McKinnon and Marvel

Nicole Kidman will re-team with
Nicole Kidman will re-team with "Big Little Lies" producer Bruna Papandrea on a new series for Hulu.

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Battle lines are drawn with Netflix and Amazon

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The NewFronts are presentations where streaming services tell advertisers about their programming plans. It was Hulu's turn today and the quickly-growing service announced new projects with Nicole Kidman and Kate McKinnon, along with several Marvel-related projects as it begins to exploit Disney's majority ownership of the company. Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg News was there and he fills in John Horn on Hulu's strategy.

A teacher and student go at it

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Inspired by a tumultuous debate on race that exploded at Yale University in 2015, the play "The Niceties" pits a progressive black student against her liberal white professor in a complex and high stakes tête-à-tête. Set in the spring of 2016, the two women find themselves at odds over their own perceptions and identities when it comes to history, race and justice. John Horn speaks with playwright Eleanor Burgess about writing a difficult conversation that many would try desperately to avoid. "The Niceties" is at the Geffen Playhouse through May 12.

Rock, without the excesses

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Jonny Pierce is the creative force behind the indie band, The Drums. He’s in his 30s and says he’s turning his attention away from partying and other pitfalls of the musician lifestyle. Instead, he's doing a deep dive into the work of personal healing. He spoke with The Frame about how the creation of the band's new record, "Brutalism," played a role in restoring the the one thing that seems most vital to his well-being: interpersonal connection.