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An Alternate Look At Being Muslim

Comedian Ramy Youssef appears on the podcast,
Comedian Ramy Youssef appears on the podcast, "Tell Them, I Am," and on The Frame.
Emmen Ahmed

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The Making Of 'Tell Them, I Am'

(Starts at :45)

KPCC's newest podcast profiles Muslims from various walks of life who defy stereotypes about Islam and its followers. Many of them are from the world of culture, including comedian Ramy Youssef and actress Alia Shawkat. Podcast host and producer Misha Euceph chats with John Horn about her project.

Mining His Life for Laughs

(Starts at 7:45)

Soon after he began performing stand-up comedy, Ramy Youssef realized that getting honest and personal with his material would be what set him apart. It's also what's led to his new Hulu series, "Ramy," a fictionalized version of his life growing up in New Jersey as a practicing Muslim and the son of Egyptian immigrant parents. (In the show, his father is Egyptian and his mother is Palestinian.) Youssef spoke with The Frame about how he got started acting and doing stand-up, and the conversations he hopes "Ramy" sparks.

A Strong Cup of Chai

(Starts at 18:40)

Chai is an all-girl punk band that’s challenging Japanese beauty standards.  Through infectious music and lyrics about body positivity, they’re spreading a philosophy they call, Neo-Kawaii — or new cute. The Frame’s Jonathan Shifflett spoke with Chai before a recent L.A. show. The four members — Yuna, Yuki, Kana, Mana — were joined by their translator, Rena (REEN-uh) Tyner.