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Tim Heidecker Isn't Really 'Brokenhearted'

Tim Heidecker's new album,
Tim Heidecker's new album, "What The Brokenhearted Do...," was inspired by a conflict with Internet trolls.
Juliana Giraffe

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Turning The Tide On Trolls

(Starts at 7:45)

Tim Heidecker has built a comedy career on playing bizarre, yet nuanced, characters. He’s known for his comedy duo, Tim & Eric, his Adult Swim show, “On Cinema,” his recent role in Jordan Peele’s “Us,” and his various spoof musical projects. In 2017, he released an album of of political folk-rock songs aimed at the Trump administration, which resulted in Trump trolls spreading a false rumor that Heidecker's wife was leaving him. Heidecker spoke with John Horn about his upcoming album, “What The Brokenhearted Do,” a collection of heartbreak songs inspired by his non-existent divorce.

Is California Still Production-Friendly?

(Starts at :45)

Amy Lemisch recently left her position as executive director of the California Film Commission — a post she held since 2004. She talks with John about the status of TV and film production in the state, and the challenges facing her successor.