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Olivia Wilde switches roles for 'Booksmart'

Actress Beanie Feldstein, left, and director Olivia Wilde on the set of her directorial debut,
Actress Beanie Feldstein, left, and director Olivia Wilde on the set of her directorial debut, "Booksmart."
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But What She Really Wanted To Do Was Direct

(Starts at 7:45)

Olivia Wilde makes her directing debut with the teen girl comedy, "Booksmart." The story centers on best friends who've devoted their high school years to their studies and future college success. But on the verge of graduation they realize their classmates were doing well in school and socializing, and that maybe they missed out on something. What happens next is a night of letting loose. Wilde tells John Horn how she wanted to make a teen movie that wasn't about assimilation and "being like the cool kids." Instead, she wanted to set up the stereotyping that teen comedies often include and then knock them down.

More fallout from Georgia's abortion law

(Starts at :45)

Kristen Wiig's Lionsgate comedy, "Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar," and director Reed Morano's Amazon series, "The Power," have opted to relocate production from Georgia in the wake of the state's controversial abortion legislation. The Hollywood Reporter's Bryn Elise Sandberg talks with John about the latest.

Steve Gunn looks to the past for his sound

(Starts at 18:40)

The singer-songwriter started out playing guitar for Kurt Vile before going solo. His intricate guitar work and lyricism belong as much in the past as they do the present. That’s because he draws most of his inspiration from older artists. On his latest record, “The Unseen In Between,” he collaborated with Bob Dylan’s long-time bassist and musical director, Tony Garnier. When he stopped by The Frame, he spoke with producer Jonathan Shifflett about another collaboration — this time, with a Japanese folk singer.