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Emma Thompson Tries Out The 'Late Night' Chair

Emma Thompson stars as a talk show host in
Emma Thompson stars as a talk show host in "Late Night."
Emily Aragones

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Happily Playing Against Type

On this special 16-minute pledge drive edition of The Frame, Emma Thompson is our sole guest. The actress says that usually when someone tells her they've written a role with her in mind, her first reaction is an overwhelming sense of dread. With the new movie, "Late Night," and the role that Mindy Kaling wrote for her, she was pleasantly surprised: "Anything that's been written for me, I'm always in a corset being earnest and kind, so luckily [in 'Late Night'] I wasn't. I was in a blazer with slicked-back hair being incredibly mean most of the time." That and the fact that the story was uplifting — which is what Thompson considers the ultimate marker of a good film) — made her want to be a part of it. Thompson spoke with The Frame about "Late Night," what it has to say about toxic power dynamics in the workplace, and why good art is so hard to make.