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Navigating Human Emotions In 'Sea of Solitude'

Connie Geppert's new video game,
Connie Geppert's new video game, "Sea of Solitude," tasks gamers with battling loneliness.
Jo-Mei Games/EA Originals

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Not Your Usual Video Game

(Starts at 1:00)

Video games and violence often go hand-in-hand. But what about video games and psychotherapy? Connie Geppert is a video game designer and co-founder of the Berlin-based production house, Jo-Mei. The villains in her new game, “Sea of Solitude,” are depression and loneliness. The game follows a young woman as she navigates a submerged city and the monsters that live there. The mental health themes and the aquatic imagery are both taken from Geppert’s personal history. The Frame’s guest host, Steven Cuevas, spoke with Geppert following her recent presentation at the E3 convention in Los Angeles.

A Real Life 'School of Rock' Teacher Dude

(Starts at 18:30)

What if Jack Black’s character in the film, "School of Rock," didn’t have to impersonate a teacher to get a teaching job? What if he really was a credentialed instructor and also happened to play in a celebrated and influential band?  Well, that's the true story of Steve Von Till, a longtime member of the veteran punk band Neurosis, and these days a fourth grade elementary school teacher in rural northern Idaho. Steven Cuevas brings us his story.

Seeking Diversity Among Critics

(Starts at 12:30)

Six national critics organizations that champion underrepresented yet influential voices in entertainment journalism have joined forces to form Critics Groups for Equality in Media, a professional coalition seeking to improve awareness of the value of women, people of color and LGBTQ journalists who cover the worlds of film and television. Steven Cuevas talks with John Griffiths, executive director of the Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.