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A 'Maiden' Voyage That Proved The Doubters Wrong

The "Maiden" crew during their historic 1989 'round-the-world race.
Courtesy of Tracy Edwards and Sony Pictures Classics

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The Distaff Side Proves Their Mettle

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In 1989, Tracy Edwards assembled the first all-female crew for a famously grueling, 33,000-mile-long sailing competition. Edwards entered the "Whitbread Round the World Race" intending to win, but few of her fellow competitors expected she'd even finish. Because the sport was considered a man's game, one of the only ways for women to get onto a racing yacht was as a cook. That's how Edwards got her start. But after her first Whitbread, she vowed never to sail around the world as a cook for a crew of men again. The new documentary, "Maiden" (named after Edwards's boat), tells the inspiring story of how Edwards assembled her crew and not only completed the Whitbread Race, but defied all expectations of how well she and her team could do. Edwards and the film's director, Alex Holmes, spoke with The Frame about "Maiden."

After The UMG Fire, Musicians Seek To Share The Settlements

(Starts at 1:00)

The New York Times Magazine recently reported that a 2008 fire at the Universal Studios backlot destroyed thousands of master recordings by musicians who were signed to the Universal Music Group, or to labels that UMG had bought over the years. The extent of the damage had been unknown, as had the fact that UMG had won huge settlements from its parent company and an insurance company over the losses. Now, a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of several prominent musicians and bands, claiming they should share in those settlements. Jem Aswad of Variety talks about the latest developments.