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'Yesterday' Becomes A Magical Mystery Tour

Himesh Patel stars as a struggling musician in
Himesh Patel stars as a struggling musician in "Yesterday," directed by Danny Boyle.

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Help! He Needs Somebody

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What if, by some miracle, The Beatles never existed and only you remembered their music. That’s the conceit behind the new film, “Yesterday,” directed by Danny Boyle. It stars Himesh Patel as Jack, an aspiring singer-songwriter who claims the music of the Fab Four as his own. Patel performed all the music for his first lead role in a major motion picture. When John Horn spoke with Patel, they talked about his audition process and took an impromptu quiz on The Beatles.

Ann Sarnoff Gets A Big New Job

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The entertainment industry was taken by surprise Monday with the appointment of Ann Sarnoff as the new head of Warner Bros. studio. Sarnoff, who currently runs BBC Studios Americas, is the first woman to head WB and one of the few women to ever lead a Hollywood studio. Erich Schwartzel of the Wall Street Journal talks about the significance of Sarnoff's appointment.