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Karin Gist Knows How To Run A Show

Karin Gist (inset) is the producer of
Karin Gist (inset) is the producer of "Mixed-ish," a new series that tells the childhood story of Rainbow Johnson, the character played by Tracee Ellis Ross on "Black-ish."

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Nevertheless, She Persisted

(Starts at 7:45)

Karin Gist attended law school and practiced for three years, but she really wanted to work in television. She’s now one of Hollywood's top writer-producers, having worked on "Girlfriends," "Grey’s Anatomy," "Star," and the upcoming "Mixed-ish." She recently spoke with John Horn as part of our series of conversations with prominent TV producers.

To The Swift (Don't) Go The Spoils

(Starts at :45)

Taylor Swift is upset that the rights to every album she has recorded to date have been sold to someone she considers a nemesis. And it once again raises the question of why more artists don't own their master recordings. Emily Yahr of The Washington Post fills John in on the dispute.

Follow The Money

(Starts at 18:45)

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry. The game market today rakes in more than Hollywood, the music industry and streaming services. But it’s not all blockbusters like "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "Call of Duty." Indie developers are quietly making quirky, DIY games in the shadow of the major studios. The Frame contributor Tim Greiving visits a collective of game designers in Culver City.