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Lulu Wang's Personal Take On 'The Farewell'

Lulu Wang, center, directing a scene from
Lulu Wang, center, directing a scene from "The Farewell."

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The Ultimate Family Secret

(Starts at 7:40)

The new film, "The Farewell," is based on writer/director Lulu Wang's own stranger-than-fiction real-life family story. But instead of opening with the familiar title card that reads, Based on a true story, Wang's film begins with this message: "Based on an actual lie." Actress/rapper Awkwafina plays a Chinese-born, U.S.-raised young woman who learns that her beloved grandmother has only a few weeks to live. Although everyone in the family knows, they've decided not to tell the matriarch herself. As a way to get everyone in the family back to Changchun to see her, they quickly throw a wedding together. Wang spoke with The Frame at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival about first telling the story of "The Farewell" in an episode of "This American Life," and why she at one point thought the film version would never get made.

A Big Win On And Off The Pitch

(Starts at :45)

The United States won the Women's World Cup on Sunday and that match could also be considered a win for women’s soccer overall because of the number of people who tuned in to watch — the tournament got more than 1 billion viewers worldwide. For more on the numbers and what this could mean for the fight to get equal attention for women’s sports we called up Ben Strauss. He covers sports and media for the Washington Post.

Muito Obrigado A João Gilberto

(Starts at 19:40)

The creator of Bossa Nova died on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 88. Gilberto introduced a new way of singing and playing the guitar, ushering in a musical revolution in the early 1960s. His collaboration with American saxophonist Stan Getz was a best-selling album and introduced Bossa Nova to a huge audience. The Frame contributor Betto Arcos offers an appreciation.