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2019 Emmys: 'PEN15' Makes The Grade

Maya Erskine (L) and Anna Konkle are the co-creators and co-stars of the Hulu series,
Maya Erskine (L) and Anna Konkle are the co-creators and co-stars of the Hulu series, "PEN15."
Alex Lombardi/Hulu

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30something going on 13

(Starts at 7:43) 

The Hulu series, "PEN15," may be set in a '00s-era middle school, but it's very much an adult comedy. The series about two best friends as they head into 7th grade explores middle school as it really was — awkward, painful, and — maybe only looking back on it — very, very funny. Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine, who co-created and wrote the series (with Sam Zvibleman), are both in their 30s, but play 13-year-old versions of themselves in the show. The actors who play their friends and classmates, though, are actual teenagers. Konkle and Erskine spoke with The Frame about their real-life friendship, how they pitched their unusual concept for the series, and what it was like to put themselves back into a middle school mindset. (Erskine and Konkle have an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing/Comedy Series.)

Walking the Talk for Musicians

(Starts at 00:45) 

John talks with Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg News about his reporting on musicians seeking representation in Washington: "Music stars Dave Matthews, Anderson .Paak and Maren Morris have teamed with some of the industry’s top power brokers to form a new lobbying group that will represent artists in Washington and state capitals across the U.S. The Music Artists Coalition will advocate on artists’ behalf in the growing number of music-related disputes in Washington. The music industry has no shortage of lobbyists in the U.S. capital, but none of the largest groups are focused on artists. The Recording Industry Association of America represents record labels, the National Music Publishers’ Association stands up for music publishers and the National Association of Broadcasters reps radio stations."

A Timely Debut For 'The Infiltrators'

(Starts at 18:42) 

Cristina Ibarra and Alex Rivera talk about their film, "The Infiltrators," which tells the true story of two young undocumented immigrants who embarked on a high-risk mission: go into America’s shadowy, for-profit, immigrant detention system, expose cases of abuse, and find a way to set people free. The film opens the Los Angeles Latino Independent Film Festival on July 31.