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'Otherhood' Explores Life Without The 'M'

(L-R) Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett and Felicity Huffman star in
(L-R) Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett and Felicity Huffman star in "Otherhood."

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A Tale Seldom Told In Hollywood

(Starts at 7:43) 

The principals from the Netflix movie “Otherhood” — actress Patricia Arquette, writer/director Cindy Chupack and producer Cathy Schulman — join The Frame for a look at how middle-aged women are portrayed in Hollywood, and the general lack of women represented behind the camera. “Otherhood” tells the story of three mothers in their 50s who set out to reconnect with their adult sons when they feel forgotten on Mother’s Day. In the process, they reconnect with their own passions for life and discover their identities beyond motherhood. Arquette, Chupack, and Schulman (president of the advocacy group Women in Film) discuss how real-life biases against women over 40 were a real obstacle to greenlight a movie starring 50-year-old women. ("Otherhood" is on Netflix now and in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles.)

Black Gay Artists Make A Stand In Hip-Hop

(Starts at 00:45) 

John talks with L.A. Times pop music writer Gerrick Kennedy about his story on black, gay artists in hip-hop: "Before the viral sensation of 'Old Town Road' turned [Lil Nas X] into a pop star and gay icon, hip-hop was already reaching a turning point in its inclusivity, as more young black men exploring sexuality and interrogating masculinity in their work are getting mainstream attention."