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BodyTraffic On LA's Dance Scene

The LA contemporary dance company BodyTraffic.
The LA contemporary dance company BodyTraffic.
Skye Schmidt

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The LA Dance Troupe With The Perfect Name

(Starts at 7:45)

The Frame host John Horn visits a rehearsal for the LA-based contemporary dance company BodyTraffic and talks with artistic director Lillian Rose Barbeito about the West Coast dance scene and why it is just as strong as New York's. BodyTraffic will be at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts' company-in-residence from Sept. 26-28 and will premiere new works there this week.

A Songwriter Of Many Voices

(Sandy) Alex G is a Philadelphia-based songwriter with a knack for transforming his voice. Sometimes he does it to inhabit a character, while other times he does it out of enjoyment. At just 26 years old, (Sandy) Alex G has released nine albums to date and has collaborated with the likes of Frank Ocean. He speaks with The Frame’s Jonathan Shifflett about “House of Sugar,” his most recent release, and how he used his voice to blend humor and seriousness. 

The Black Keys Concert Fiasco

(Starts at :45)

Hundreds of would-be concertgoers were shut out of The Black Keys concert at The Wiltern last Thursday. The problem? They'd bought their tickets through third-party resellers. Chris Willman, music writer for Variety, explains what happened and why reselling concert tickets has become such a contentious issue.