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Jim Gaffigan's Dramatic Turns

Jim Gaffigan in
Jim Gaffigan in "American Dreamer."

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The Many Faces Of Jim Gaffigan

(Starts at 7:45) 

Jim Gaffigan has built his stand-up comedy career around an accessible, self-effacing father-of-five persona that's earned him an unintentional reputation as a “clean comic.” Gaffigan is also an actor and in 2019 was in three movies at the Sundance Film Festival. And while he's stepped into dramatic film roles in the past, some of his recent projects are a sharp departure from the funny-guy part. In the dark drama, "American Dreamer," he plays a down-on-his-luck dad turned child kidnapper. He's also fresh off the heels of a recent comedy special with Amazon Prime ("Quality Time") and only a couple years out from his wife and creative partner surviving brain cancer. Gaffigan talks with John Horn about navigating this latest, very busy chapter of his career.

A New Era For The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 

(Starts at 00:45) 

Jann Wenner is stepping down as the chairman of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Will new leadership mean that artists who've been excluded from the Rock Hall in the past might now get a second look? John Horn talks with The Plain Dealer's Chuck Yarborough about what changes might come.

Finding The Light In A Heavy Family Legacy 

Singer Lupita Infante is heir to a Mexican music dynasty. Her grandfather, Pedro Infante, was one of Mexico’s most beloved actors and singers. The 31-one-year old, LA-born singer is starting to carve her own path. But as The Frame contributor Betto Arcos found out, it hasn’t been an easy road.