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Bill Irwin Has A Thing For Beckett

Bill Irwin conceived and performs the solo show, “On Beckett.”
Bill Irwin conceived and performs the solo show, “On Beckett.”
Craig Schwartz

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Waiting For Irwin

(Starts at 7:45) 

The play, “On Beckett,” is conceived and performed by legendary clown and stage actor, Bill Irwin. The show — part performance and part Ted Talk-style lecture — takes the audience on a journey into the dark and often funny work of absurdist playwright, Samuel Beckett. (At the Kirk Douglas Theatre through Oct. 27.)

'Cancel Culture' Carries Some Weight

(Starts at 00:45) 

John talks with Elahe Izadi, comedian and pop culture writer at The Washington Post, about "cancel culture" and the growing list of artists who are susceptible to public scrutiny and career backlash. Izadi says it's a new dynamic for comedians especially, and some are finding it difficult to navigate.

'Rhythm Nation' Turns 30

(Starts at 18:44) 

Three decades ago, Janet Jackson released “Rhythm Nation 1814,” a reflection on the mood of the country. Lindsay Zoladz is a staff writer at The Ringer. She wrote about “Rhythm Nation” and how it laid the groundwork for the socially conscious pop music of today.