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This 'Batwoman' Goes Her Own Way

Ruby Rose stars as
Ruby Rose stars as "Batwoman" in the CW series.
Kimberley French/THE CW

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Out and About In Gotham City

(Starts at 7:45)

“Batwoman,” the CW’s newest DC-adapted series, takes us back to Gotham City where Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) combats crime and injustice. For more on the making of the show, John Horn talks with producer Caroline Dries about her creative decisions on- and off-screen, the responsibility of telling an LGBTQ+ story, and more.

The Pluses and Minuses For Apple TV+

(Starts at :45)

John Horn talks with Variety TV critic Caroline Framke about her thoughts on this week's launch of Apple's TV streaming service: "The biggest problem facing Apple Plus is ... its total lack of a content library. Even when Netflix only had a couple stray originals, it had already lured in subscribers with its back catalog (which, in the face of Netflix’s ongoing tidal wave of originals, is now rapidly dwindling). So while Disney Plus’ TV offerings aren’t much more exciting than Apple’s, save for its upcoming 'Star Wars' series, its enormous library is more than enough reason on its own for people to subscribe. On top of decades of Disney/Marvel/Fox movies, original TV shows will just be the bonus cherry on top until proven more substantial over time. Apple Plus, at this point, doesn’t have that luxury — and I’m just not convinced that its initial output will entice as many subscribers as they need to sign up."

All Roads Lead To The Desert

Josh Homme is probably most recognizable as the frontman of the rock band, Queens of the Stone Age. The group rose to international fame with its 2002 hit record, “Songs for the Deaf.” But Homme has always pursued collaborations outside his band. He’s worked with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, British singer PJ Harvey, and even Elton John. Homme’s latest, “Desert Sessions Volumes 11 & 12,” is a throwback to his communal instincts and a musical tradition he started in Joshua Tree more than 20 years ago.