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BD Wong's 'Great Leap' Into The Director's Role

Actor and director BD Wong.
Actor and director BD Wong.
Pasadena Playhouse

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A 'Great Leap' For Him Too

(Starts at 7:50)

BD Wong has made his mark as an actor on Broadway, winning a Tony for his performance in "M. Butterfly," on television with shows such as "Law and Order SVU," and in films that include "Jurassic World." But recently Wong started taking on the role of theater director. Wong talks with John Horn about his latest production, “The Great Leap,” at the Pasadena Playhouse. The play, written by Lauren Yee, is centered around a real-life basketball game between the U.S. and China in 1989, around the time of the Tiananmen Square protests.

Where The Girls Are (And Aren't)

(Starts at :45)

NPR pop music critic Ann Powers chats with John about the Country Music Association Awards, which made a point of celebrating women at a time when their music isn's played much on country radio. 

The Sound of 'Dickinson'

(Starts at 18:50)

Apple TV Plus launched recently with a slate of original shows, including "Dickinson." It stars Hailee Steinfeld as the poet Emily Dickinson and rapper Wiz Khalifa as Death. Even though it's a period story, the series features pop music samples and a bass-heavy score. The composers are Ian Hultquist, a founding member of the band Passion Pit, and Sofia Hultquist, who goes by Drum & Lace. They spoke with The Frame's Jonathan Shifflett about making the idiosyncratic score for "Dickinson."