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Mark Ruffalo Wades Into 'Dark Waters'

Mark Ruffalo plays a crusading attorney in
Mark Ruffalo plays a crusading attorney in "Dark Waters."

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Another Crusading Role

In his new film, “Dark Waters,” Mark Ruffalo trades in his Marvel superhero costume for the role of a real-life hero — the mild-mannered lawyer Rob Bilott. Ruffalo had read about Bilott in a 2016 New York Times Magazine article titled, “The Lawyer Who Became Dupont’s Worst Nightmare.” Bilott had worked in a law firm that defended chemical companies, until a case came along that led him to uncover the toxic truth behind Teflon. Ruffalo is a producer on the film and he talks with John Horn about how, through “Spotlight,” he realized that movies can help change ills in society.

TV, As Far As The Eyes Can See

Guest host John Rabe talks with Hollywood Reporter TV critic Daniel Feinberg about his column on the glut of TV programming: "With the release of Apple TV+ and Disney+, November has marked another milestone in the ongoing programming oversaturation that, at this point, shows no sign of abating. FX boss John Landgraf's 2015 pronouncement about the arrival of 'Peak TV' is kind of like if Henry Ford had declared in 1908 that we had reached 'Peak Car.' Peak TV already reflected a shift in emphasis toward quantity and away from the quality designated by TV's various 'Golden Ages.' So maybe we need a new term to refer to what happens when we go past the peak and an avalanche comes down to bury us all. Welcome to Plus TV!"