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The Males Take Flight Again In 'Swan Lake'

Matthew Bourne’s “Swan Lake” famously features male swans.
Matthew Bourne’s “Swan Lake” famously features male swans.
Craig Schwartz

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He Made His Pointe

(Starts at 6:45)

Choreographer Matthew Bourne ruffled a few feathers when he first brought his production of "Swan Lake" to Los Angeles in 1997. Bourne’s staging of the classical ballet casts male dancers as the swans — roles traditionally performed by ballerinas. But his striking interpretation was an international hit and now Bourne’s production has returned to L.A.'s Ahmanson Theater. Bourne talks with John Horn about the universality of the classical ballet.

There's Insurance For Everything

(Starts at :45)

According to The New York Times, Harvey Weinstein is on the verge of settling dozens of lawsuits against him that allege sexual abuse and harassment. The Weinstein Co.'s insurance company would pay the settlement and Weinstein himself would have no financial liability and would not have to admit any wrongdoing. Guest host Steven Cuevas talks with attorney Debra Katz to ask how common this kind of insurance is in the entertainment industry.

A Close Listen To “Prince: The Story of 1999” 

(Starts at 17:45)

Andrea Swensson is a writer and historian of Minnesota music. She’s also a huge Prince fan. She hosts the new four-part podcast, “Prince: The Story of 1999,” which chronicles the late musician's prolific recording period in the early 1980s and the tragic experience that caused it.