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Kathreen Khavari's 'Embrace' Hits Close To Home

Kathreen Khavari co-created and stars in Refinery29's
Kathreen Khavari co-created and stars in Refinery29's "Embrace," a TV pilot about a medical student whose Iranian immigrant parents have fallen on hard times.

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What It Means To Be Iranian-American

Kathreen Khavari's dream had always been to act. Her foray into writing, she says, grew out of frustration. Tired of the stereotypical roles she was being offered (terrorists, wives of terrorists and refugees), the Iranian-American actress began writing roles for herself. With writing partner Chuck Neal, Khavari co-created and stars in "Embrace," a pilot from Refinery29 premiering at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The series follows a medical student whose immigrant parents have fallen on hard times and are considering moving back to Iran. In order to keep her family together, she comes up with an unconventional plan. Khavari spoke with John Horn about "Embrace," her acting career, and about being the voice of Ms. Marvel, Marvel's first Muslim character to headline her own comic book.

A Dispatch From The Weinstein Trial

Opening arguments are being made today in Harvey Weinstein's trial in New York City. John Horn gets the latest from J. Clara Chan, who's covering the trial for The Wrap.

The Cloud Over The Grammys

Just days before the Grammy Awards, the controversy at the Recording Academy continues to evolve. A cloud has been placed over the event, with an accusation from ousted CEO Deborah Dugan that the process for choosing the top award nominees is corrupt. Variety's Jem Aswad fills us in on today's developments.