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All 'Good' Things Must End

D'Arcy Carden stars along with Ted Danson in NBC's
D'Arcy Carden stars along with Ted Danson in NBC's "The Good Place."

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Rare Material For A Sitcom

Baked into the premise of the NBC series, "The Good Place," is a discussion around ethical behavior. It's a rare comedy that balances laughs with a meaningful exploration that feels particularly timely. Audiences find themselves watching the show in part for the laughs – after all, the cast is hilarious and the writing is spot-on – but also to see people grapple with what we're all grappling with on some level: how to be a better person. With the series ending tonight, we revisit John Horn's talk with "The Good Place" creator, Michael Schur, and one of the show's key writers, Jen Statsky, about the ways that the cast and crew take their own ethics and philosophy research and turn it into a hit show.

We Heart Janet!

When "The Good Place" debuted on NBC, D’Arcy Carden quickly became a fan favorite as Janet — the all-knowing "Siri" of the afterlife. Carden wowed audiences and critics in the third season of "The Good Place," in which she played two versions of Janet and four of her cast-mates in a single episode. While audiences fell in love with Carden overnight, she trained in comedy improv for more than a decade and jokingly says she auditioned for “1.2 billion” jobs before getting on television. Carden talks with John Horn about her years with The Upright Citizens Brigade, her work on "The Good Place," "Barry" and "Broad City," and staying focused on your passion through years of rejection.