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Joe Henry Preaches His Own 'Gospel'

Singer/songwriter Joe Henry wrote and recorded the album,
Singer/songwriter Joe Henry wrote and recorded the album, "The Gospel of Water," after being diagnosed with cancer.
Lauren Dukoff

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The Healing Power of Music

Joe Henry is a much-respected singer/songwriter and producer who, in 2018, received a serious cancer diagnosis. While he was in treatment, he wrote and recorded "The Gospel of Water," which was one of the most acclaimed albums of 2019. He spoke with John Horn about how his illness drove his creativity.

Kirk Douglas' Late Return To The Stage

John talks with Jeff Kanew, who directed then-92-year-old Kirk Douglas in "Before I Forget," a one-man play that was based on the actor's book, "My Stroke of Luck." Douglas died Feb. 5 at the age of 103.

A Parenting Dilemma For Directors

Directors, producers and actors alike have signed onto a letter asking that the Directors Guild of America revise its current parental leave policy. The letter was penned by documentary filmmaker Jessica Dimmock, who lost her health insurance after taking time post-pregnancy to care for her newborn, causing her to fall short of the DGA’s 12-month minimum earnings requirement. Now she’s spearheading the #DGAParenthoodPenalty campaign and asking that the DGA extend the earning window to 18 months for new moms. John spoke with Dimmock about the campaign.