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Bubbes Know Best

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We. Are. Back. It's been a helluva few months. And Mash-Ups, we missed you! So. We're back for our usual blend of group therapy, belly laughs, tears, and side eye as we explore what makes us American today. And for this special preview episode of our new season, we're tackling that very important question: What is your bubbemeise?

Today on the podcast we'll visit with some of most popular past guests and their bubbbemeise (do disorganized shoes terrify anyone else?); hear from Phil Yu, aka The Angry Asian Man, and his esteemed wife, Joanna Lee, about the bubbemeise that comes with babies; and be blessed with so much wisdom from Michael Twitty, food historian, social activist, and author of The Cooking Gene, which chronicles Michael's journey as he traces his history from Africa to America, from enslaved to free, and what he and his ancestors ate along the way. 

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