Hosted by Rebecca Lehrer and Amy S. Choi

Raising Generation Mash-Up

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Welcome to the third and final installation of our Mash-Up journey: raising our kids. In some ways, we've been working on this episode for the entire lifespan of The Mash-Up Americans. Where do we come from? Where are we going? How do we create a new culture, rooted in our past while looking to our future? How do we do raise our children with love, and care, and with a deep love of their mashiness? Amy and Rebecca are joined today by Rumaan Alam, first-generation Bengali American, novelist and essayist on parenting in transracial adoptions; and Christine Gross-Loh, first gen Korean American, mother of four Korean American Jews, and expert on parenting practices around the world, to try and tackle the biggest questions of all. Oh, and a seven-year old Mash-Up guest star! (Hint: He's our producer's very thoughtful kid.)