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Health Care Reform: The Bottom Line

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Despite massive amounts of media coverage, most Americans would be hard pressed to name the key elements of the newly passed Patient Protection and Affordability Act of 2010 – better known as the Health Care Reform bill. But the changes will affect us all. For business owners, whether you have ten employees or ten thousand, there is a wealth of questions to be asked and answered. This week on TOWN HALL Journal, host Judy Muller takes a magnifying glass to the fine print with two employee benefits experts. We’ll visit the Town Hall Vault for a view of the health care landscape of a quarter-century ago. And we’ll find out how much the average Angeleno knows about the changes in their future.

Speakers: Ronald C. Mason, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson; and Christine Infante, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson

Town Hall Vault Speakers (1984): Samuel Kaplan, President, U.S. Administrators; Michael Stevens, President, Hoag Hospital; Arnold Glassman, Manager of Benefits and Communications, ARCO; and
David Horner, Ph.D, Head of California Medical Association

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