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"The Financial Crisis: Will We Ever Learn?"

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, created in 2009, is a 10-member, bipartisan panel charged with the task of examining “the causes, domestic and global, of the current financial and economic crisis in the United States.” The commission conducted over 700 interviews and sifted through millions of documents in their search for the truth. What they found reads like a John Grisham novel – back room Wall Street dealings, bank executives treating mortgages like poker chips, financial products sliced and diced, bought and sold without regard to risk and all the while, government regulators turning a blind eye to the obvious red flags. This week on Town Hall Journal, the commission’s Chair, Phil Angelides, offers a peek into the economic shenanigans that led to what he calls “one of the greatest financial cataclysms of our times.” And warns that, if we don't learn from our economic history, we're doomed to bail out again.

Town Hall Speaker:
The Honorable Phil Angelides, Chairman, Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

In January, the FCIC will deliver its report to Congress, the President and the American people. Find out more at

Town Hall Vault Speaker:
James D. Robinson III, CEO, American Express (1991)

Jason Yancey, Director, Operation Hope

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