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"Dodgers Drama – Past, Present & Future”

Last year, as co-owners Frank and Jamie McCourt launched into a bitter divorce and legal battle for control of the LA Dodgers, Town Hall Journal took a look back at the couple’s high hopes for what they called a “family adventure.” But the McCourt’s family saga turns out to be more like the Carringtons than the Waltons. Now, after over a year of feuding ownership, financial mismanagement and plummeting attendance, Major League Baseball Commissioner, Bud Selig, has called a time-out on the McCourts. Citing “deep concerns” over the operations of the team, Selig appointed former Texas Rangers president Tom Schieffer to restore some law and order until, presumably, a new owner takes the reins. This week, we once again visit the Town Hall Vault for batting tips from Tommy Lasorda, team-building insight from Casey Wasserman, and stories from LA’s long romance with the Dodgers. And we’ll ask the question on everyone’s mind – what’s next for our boys in blue?

Town Hall Vault Speakers:
Al Downing, former pitcher, L.A. Dodgers (1981)
Tommy Lasorda, former manager, L.A. Dodgers (1996, 1997)
Fred Roggin, Sports Director, NBC-4 (2004)
Robert Graziano, President, L.A. Dodgers (2004)
Casey Wasserman, Owner, L.A. Avengers (2004)
Jamie McCourt, Co-owner, L.A. Dodgers (2005)

Jeff Fellenzer, USC Professor in Sports, Business & Media

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