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Where's that train station in the 'True Detective' season finale?

Detective Ray Velcoro walks into ARTIC, the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center for a key meeting in
Detective Ray Velcoro walks into ARTIC, the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center for a key meeting in "True Detective."

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In the season finale of "True Detective," characters collide in a light-filled atrium in Southern California. In real life, this is the region's newest transit center and the show is one of the first times it's been seen on the screen.

This episode's title — Omega Station" — references the transit center in that scene, and Omega (Ω), the last letter in the Greek alphabet. If you're an LA local and you've never seen that place before, don't feel too bad, the building is brand new. It's called the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center or "ARTIC" for short.

It opened December of last year and is a hub for Greyhound buses, local transit and two rail train lines—Metrolink and Amtrak.  It was designed by architecture and engineering giants HOK and Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Caleb Duffy, one of the location managers for "True Detective," scouted it. "They’d never had filming in there before," said Duffy. "And we broke the seal. We were there for three days."​

The scene, where Velcoro meets Caspere's killer and has one last encounter with Vinci Police Chief Holloway. Things go south, and a shootout ensues leaving Holloway and the killer dead. Bezzerides and Velcoro make a run for it. They acknowledge the train station's location in Anaheim but don't go into detail what kind of trains run through there. Maybe the new high speed rail?

In real life, thousands of Orange County residents and workers travel through ARTIC each day. In the immediate area, there's Disneyland, the Honda Center (home to the Anaheim Ducks) and Angel stadium (home to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). You can hop on the "Angel Stadium Express" form ARTIC, if you like.

The building stands out in stark modernity to the rest of the Anaheim landmarks. It's been called "oddly antiseptic" by the LA Times' Christopher Hawthorne, who went on:

Wrapped in a skin of metal panels, glass and ETFE — the same puffy, Teflon-like material that covers the "Water Cube" swimming venue at the Beijing Olympics — ARTIC suggests a cross between a small regional airport and a semi-pro arena.

The plot of "True Detective" also touches on California High Speed Rail Line. In real life, officials hope to use ARTIC for both the bullet train and a California-Nevada rail line.