One officer. Four criminals. Thirty-seven shots fired.

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Tennell Billups’ illustration of the events the morning Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Gonzalo Inzunza shot him.
Courtesy of Tennell Billups.
Episode 1

A Burglar Accuses an Officer

On the morning of April 4, 2011 a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy shot a suspect who tried to run from the scene of a burglary. The deputy told investigators the burglar pointed a gun at him. The burglar, who later pleaded guilty, claims the officer planted a gun to justify the shooting.

Investigative reporter Annie Gilbertson combs through the evidence in an effort to piece together what happened that morning.

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A series of photos from the shooting scene of Alejandro Trejo and Julio Haro, two of the men shot at by Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Gonzalo Inzunza, including a handwritten note from Trejo.
Episode 2

The Inzunza File

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Gonzalo Inzunza shot at four people in seven months — a cluster of police shootings like few others in Los Angeles County. Each time, Inzunza said he feared for his life, and each time officials found Inzunza was justified to shoot. But three of the men who were shot at tell a different story. They claim Deputy Inzunza either shot without provocation or lied to justify his shootings.

Reporter Annie Gilbertson heads to the home of Deputy Inzunza to ask about his shootings and digs into the background of the men he shot at.

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A portion of the transcript from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Gonzalo Inzunza’s testimony at a hearing in the criminal case against Tennell Billups.
Episode 3

Witnesses in Uniform

All four of the men Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Gonzalo Inzunza shot at were accused of a crime. Tennell Billups believes law enforcement purposefully sought trumped up charges, making Billups look dangerous and Inzunza appear as though he had to shoot. Did the evidence back the men’s claims?

Reporter Annie Gilbertson scours statements from deputies who witnessed the shooting to figure out what they saw the day Billups was shot. She unearths startling details about Billups’ past, further complicating the question of what happened.

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A portion of the report prepared by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators about the shooting of Tennell Billups, including handwritten notes from Billups. Some of the names and addresses have been redacted.
Episode 4

The Investigation

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigates its own officers’ shootings —a common practice in California. Officials are adamant that their investigations into police shootings are impartial, highly supervised and beyond reproach.

Reporter Annie Gilbertson talks to an investigator assigned to one of Deputy Gonzalo Inzunza’s shootings about discrepancies in the case. Along the way, she discovers some troubling details.

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