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What is an index?

Definition: A ratio in percentage terms that indicates the likelihood of a particular medium to meet a specified goal or criterion. An index score is "graded" using 100 as the benchmark. An index of 123 indicates a 23 percent greater likelihood of meeting specified criteria. An index of 88 shows a 12 percent lesser likelihood of that medium to meet the specified criteria.


Index 328: President
Index 172: Owner/Partner
Index 138: Board Member
Index 115: Arts/design/media
Index 407: Work in the legal industry


Index 178: Individual income of $250,000+
Index 168: Own a home valued at $1,000,000+

Culturally Involved:

Index 313: Attended a symphony or opera in the last year
Index 168: Attended a dance or ballet performance in the last year
Index 201: Visited an art museum in the last year


Index 153: Go skiing
Index 195: Hiking
Index: 164: Yoga/pilates
Index 234: Took Personal/business travel outside continental U.S. (3-4 times in 3 years)


Index 265: Reads the New York Times M-F
Index 199: Reads the Wall Street Journal M-F
Index 184: Reads the Los Angeles Times M-F

Involved in the Community:

Index 270: Contributed to an arts/cultural organization in the past year
Index 209: Contributed to a social/welfare organization in the past year
Index 241: Contributed to a political organization in the past year
Index 144: Always vote in local elections


Index 324: Post Graduate degree

Basic Demographic Information:

54% Male, 45.6% Female

*Qualitative Data: Scarborough, LA Release 2 2009: Aug ‘08 – Jul 09, Adults 18+
- KPCC FM listenership M-Su 6a-12p