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Los Angeles-area teachers talk with kids about Trump victory

Rebecca Bernard/World City Center Preschool
| On Wednesday, teachers and other public school staff had to step in and deal with fallout from the election of Donald Trump as president.

California remains blue, but a little purple creeps in


Despite approving several progressive statewide ballots, California sent out mixed messages on just how far they were willing to go.

Obama: 'We are now all rooting for his success'


President Barack Obama made a speech following the historic victory of Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, pledging a peaceful transition.


AirTalk Special Election Coverage: Donald Trump officially declared president-elect of a future, but divided, America


A long and bitter 2016 presidential election season has finally come to a close with Donald Trump crossing the 270 electoral vote threshold at 2:31 a.m. ET this morning, officially winning as president-elect of the United States of America. AirTalk and Take Two join together to hear from listeners across Southern California on what this election outcome means for them, along with special analysis including the hurdles and failures of Hillary Clinton's candidacy, accuracy of media polls, the Paris Agreement on climate change, immigration reform and more.

California reacts: Thoughts and feelings after the election


From optimism to alienation, here's a snapshot of how Southern Californians told us they're feeling right now.

Republican Rep. Knight re-elected as Caforio concedes


Democrats had spent heavily in the race for the 25th Congressional District, seeing Knight as vulnerable, but by late Wednesday morning challenger Bryan Caforio was congratulating his opponent.

How California voted on the state ballot measures


At least 10 of the state's 17 propositions were projected to pass, though many others remained too close to call as of Wednesday morning.

California election again shows the state's different from other parts of the country


Voters in California backed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton while other states supported GOP nominee Donald Trump.