California Dream |

Who to thank (or blame) for California’s direct democracy

| How California came to have one of the most powerful, and least flexible initiative processes in the world.

The California Dream Takes Center Stage In Governor’s Race


Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican businessman John Cox are vowing to restore the California Dream.

The block that Prop. 13 built: Should businesses pay more?


In 2020, California voters could raise property tax bills for their business-owning neighbors.

The block that Prop. 13 built: Too few homes


Experts say some unintended consequences of Proposition 13 help explain why the state doesn’t build housing like it used to.

The block that Prop. 13 built: Public schools, public trust


Prop. 13 dramatically changed how the state funds education. It intertwined with key court decisions in the 1970s to transform California's public schools, once considered the gold standard in American education.

The block that Prop. 13 built: Similar homes, different taxes


As California home prices reach staggering new highs, the growing disparity between what newer and older homeowners pay on similarly valued property has renewed a problematic question: Is Prop. 13 fair?

The block that Prop 13 built


In most states, the property tax you pay depends on how much your house is worth. Not in California. Forty years after its passage, Prop. 13 continues to shape the California dream.

Voter cram session: AirTalk breaks down the ballot propositions


Voters have fewer propositions to sift through than two years ago, but will be asked to vote on 11 statewide ballot measures this fall.