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Hip-hop studies conference drops a beat

Amanda Adams-Louis
| Can academia be a comfortable place for hip-hop artists? Should it be? These are among the issues a UC Riverside conference will address this weekend.

Advocates gather at City Hall to urge more investment in the arts


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors declared this week Arts Week, while arts advocates gathered at City Hall on Wednesday to push for more funding.

Innovative teacher brings the 1960s to life


Over the years, Jonathan Bernal has noticed his eighth graders don't know much about the 1960s. He designed a unit that ties in '60s history, literature and music.

In Hollywood's backyard, a push to rectify arts inequities


Miles from the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the red carpet, Steve Shin belts out tunes on a piano scarred with nicks and love notes written in scratches, teaching children how to sing.

Here's what happens when 24 fourth graders spend a week at a museum


"The opportunity to feel like they belong in a museum, that it’s for everyone, that was the draw."


San Diego schools open doors for arts education exchange


Two San Diego school districts have made big investments in arts instruction. This week, educators from across the country will visit to see the results at schools.

How this young filmmaker plans to win 6 Oscars


Gabrielle Gorman's short film about her personal struggles with race and self-esteem has gotten national recognition. She has some big dreams going forward.

LAUSD's secret art collection includes a Salvador Dalí


The L.A. Unified School District has a little-known but massive fine art collection. For the first time, some of the works are now accessible through a new website.