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LAUSD board approves $2.5M in arts education spending

Mary Plummer/KPCC
| Members voted for $2.5 million in arts funding late Tuesday, a move to guarantee arts access at 32 middle schools that currently have little or none at all.

Grammys: LA County teacher named finalist for music educator award


Diamond Bar High School's music director is among the finalists for the annual Grammy music educator award that recognizes significant contributions in the field.

Coachella Valley art scene evolving, driven by the young


Palm Springs and the surrounding areas are attracting a younger crowd, one drawn not only to the valley's popular music festival but to its growing arts scene.

California receives more than $4 million in arts funding


Across the country, the National Endowment for the Arts awarded 1,116 grants for a total of $29.1 million in funding to support the arts.

House of Blues foundation to give away musical instruments


Organizers of the campaign, known as "Give Music," expect to distribute about 350 instruments to aspiring musicians age 10 to 22.

The pros and cons of studying for finals to music


As students dive into their books to study for finals, it's time to ask: will classical music in the background help you ace that test?

Researchers exploring the arts as a tool to teach science


An expansive project out of UC Irvine is underway to develop and study a new curriculum to help students better learn science through the arts.

American Ballet Theatre dance school to open in Costa Mesa


American Ballet Theatre is creating a new dance school with the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, which will house the new dance school for 3-14 year olds.