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LAUSD music teacher 'cared about kids first'

Photo courtesy of Jay Gehringer
| Jonathan Kenion died Dec. 13 at age 52 after suffering a stroke. As a music teacher, he taught thousands of students through his love of music, said his colleagues.

Rose Parade spotlight to shine on Temple City High band


One Rose Parade marching band spends hours preparing for its 30 seconds of fame during the televised New Year's Day event viewed by millions.


New LACHSA principal on the future of the famous art school


Mitzi Lizarraga replaces former principal George Simpson. She joins the school from the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.

How holiday carols can be good for your kids


Christmas songs may drive you mad, but they can help young kids develop their reading and language skills. We've got a list of upcoming sing-alongs for the holidays.

How much do students' brains benefit from music?


A new study from Northwestern University shows actively studying music with an instrument can have significant results in brain functioning.

After years of no arts, Compton school gets a holiday first


Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Compton is having its first year with arts classes, made possible by a national program to educate through the arts.

LAUSD board approves $2.5M in arts education spending


Members voted for $2.5 million in arts funding late Tuesday, a move to guarantee arts access at 32 middle schools that currently have little or none at all.

Grammys: LA County teacher named finalist for music educator award


Diamond Bar High School's music director is among the finalists for the annual Grammy music educator award that recognizes significant contributions in the field.