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KPCC survey: Arts instruction limited in SoCal schools

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| While state law requires school districts to give students access to music, dance, theater and visual arts instruction, a KPCC survey found that few can afford it.

LA Fund to help teachers find, get grants


Grants HQ aims to help L.A. Unified teachers beef up limited government funding by securing outside grants for new projects.

Art in the Park: Student showcase headed to downtown LA


More than 2,000 students are expected to attend LAUSD's Arts Fest event in downtown Los Angeles Saturday. Some teachers say they'd prefer art shows at school sites.

Inside the audition: Elite dancers compete for summer training


About 90 students gathered at Westside School of Ballet in Santa Monica for an audition with Boston Ballet. We take you inside the summer program auditions.

Oscars 2014: Local high school students got 'Happy' with Pharrell


A group of 19 students from the Academy of Music at Hamilton High School performed the hit song "on stage at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday: "It was a dream."


Teachers call LA schools' orchestra changes 'a travesty'


Arts teachers cry foul over officials' plan cut elementary kids' musical instrument lessons from a full year to just one semester to squeeze in more schools.

LA schools to expand 'arts integration' teachers


A Los Angeles Unified administrator unveiled an arts education budget for the district that will boost funding by $15.7 million by the '16/'17 school year.


Weigh in: National arts education standards almost final


New proposed national arts teaching standards are open for public review. The draft is expected to be finalized and unveiled for a first look in San Diego in March.