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Annette Bening to become face of arts ed in California

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| Bening will help promote the new "keep arts in schools fund, which raises money for arts education through public donations on state tax returns.

Mid-year music cuts hurt students at LA's Wilshire Crest


L.A. Unified transferred arts teachers to different schools mid-year due to student enrollment changes. Forty schools gained access, 20 lost teachers.

Arts group calls for details on new arts plan for LA schools


Arts for LA asks superintendent to provide a budget for the arts plan - the broad strokes of which were released last year, without financial details.

Learning music may help our brains as we age


A new article in National Geographic examines how music instruction affects us as we age. The findings? It may protect against memory loss.

Long Beach elementary parents pay for extra music education


The PTA gives $20,000 to provide additional music instruction for kids at Longfellow Elementary School . The money was raised in a jog-a-thon.

Effort emerging to bring arts back to California prisons


California state senator Ted Lieu is among a group of lawmakers and arts advocates hoping to resurrect arts education programming at California prisons.


Harvard president and Wynton Marsalis advocate for arts education


In an opinion piece for USA Today, Drew Faust and Wynton Marsalis called for an increase of arts education. They cited statistics showing that arts ed has declined.

6 months later, LA schools' arts plan still has no budget


LAUSD's new arts plan was released to the public in July, with no funding. Now, a school board member is calling for a report on the plan's budget at a school board meeting in January.