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Hollywood arts school gives struggling kids a second chance

Maya Sugarman/KPCC
| The Hollywood Media Arts Academy uses the visual arts to engage students who have failed or been kicked out of traditional schools.

Thousand Oaks university to build new arts center


California Lutheran University's first employee leaves the school her entire estate. More than $800,000 will go to build a stand-alone arts center.

Coming to a tax form near you: arts education donations


Starting in 2014, taxpayers can make tax deductible donations of $1 or more to arts education through the California Arts Council on state tax return forms.

LA Unified backlog of broken instruments 'like a war scene'


At L.A. Unified's music repair shop, at least 2,600 broken instruments are piled on shelves and in bins. Some have been sitting for years — the result of staff cuts.

Survey finds many don't receive arts education


The NEA reports only 56 percent of adults received arts education at some point in their lives. The percentage dips to a third of high school graduates.

Website's videos offer tips on how to teach arts integration


Teaching Channel has been around as an online resource for teachers since 2011. Several of its 57 videos focus on arts integration.