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Timeline: The FBI's investigation of Ron Calderon

| On June 4, the FBI raided the offices of L.A. State Senator Ron Calderon. We look back at Calderon's past and his relationship with the Central Basin Water District— a public agency that is also under federal scrutiny.

Central Basin Water District drowning in legal fees


As it searches for unaccounted-for funds, deals with an FBI probe and fights various lawsuits, Central Basin has spent as much as 26 percent of its budget on attorneys.

Calderon: Calif. Ethics Committee hires outside counsel in FBI case


The State Senate committee retains a prominent legal firm to help dig through the federal investigation into State Sen. Ron Calderon.

California commission investigating donation made by Latino Caucus


The Fair Political Practices Commission seeks clarity on a donation made by a PAC run by the Latino Caucus to a nonprofit tied to Ron and Tom Calderon.

Watchdog agency declines to investigate state Sen. de Leon


California's political watchdog agency has declined to open an investigation into a lawmaker whose name has surfaced in a federal investigation of a state senator.

What happened to $2.7m in Central Basin's trust fund?


The water district transferred $2.7 million into a secret trust fund set up to create an EIR for a water project. One board member called it a "slush fund."

Judge orders feds to respond to Calderon retaliation allegations


A federal judge has ordered the government to respond to allegations by state Sen. Calderon that the FBI retaliated against him for not cooperating in a sting. Read the order here.


Calderon says feds asked him to secretly record Senate colleagues


State Senator Ron Calderon's allegations come in a federal complaint, which accuses the FBI of retaliating against him for his refusal to participate in a sting.