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Sorry, McMansion fans. You can't have it your way

Reed Saxon/AP
| Complaints about outsized homes have been growing so the city may scale back or eliminate provisions that can lead to outsize homes.

LA kids grow up more segregated than their parents


A new study looked at 100 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, and found that more parents are moving so their kids can attend the best schools.

Arcadia shuts the doors on 'mansionization'


A new Arcadia ordinance says homes need to comply with a floor-area ratio that would limit the size of homes based on the site of their lots.

Little Tokyo bets on basketball to bring back Japanese Americans


To revive a Japanese American neighborhood, Little Tokyo plans a basketball gym and leverages its history.

Arcadia's planned anti-mansionization ballot initiative hits a wall


The Arcadia city clerk's office says activists gathering signatures made mistakes, meaning the initiative likely won't be on the ballot this year.

What to do with Mariachi Plaza? We asked the mariachis


The historic spot in Boyle Heights is owned by Metro, and the MTA has asked locals what should be developed there. The mariachis have some practical suggestions.

Arcadia mansions: Eyesore or a sight for sore eyes?


Opponents of mansionization say bigger homes ruin the city's character, but for some Asian residents, they're a way to house extended family.

What to build at Mariachi Plaza? Ideas run the gamut


Boyle Heights residents, business owners and other stakeholders threw out ideas at a Metro workshop this weekend. Ideas ranged from a market to a mariachi museum.