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Low-income kids with food allergies go to the ER more

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| Food allergies can strike anyone, kids from low-income families are more likely to suffer, mostly because their parents have less money to spend on prevention.

Free health clinic will include surgery, mental health services


The three-day, first-come first-served free clinic Wednesday is expected to attract Angelenos who are uninsured or insured but unable to afford deductibles.

LA settles 'patient dumping' case with Good Samaritan for $450k


This is the fourth case involving the alleged dumping of homeless patients that City Attorney Mike Feuer has settled with local hospitals.

Kids in US illegally eligible for Medi-Cal in May


State health officials estimate that about 170,000 children under 19 without legal status will be eligible when a new law takes effect next month.

Legislature approves $177 million for Exide cleanup


The state Senate gives final approval for funds Gov. Brown requested in February, but it's unclear when the expanded cleanup of lead will begin in earnest.

Quemetco will start testing soil for lead in June


L.A.'s only remaining lead battery recycler will test soil within a quarter-mile of its plant at residential properties and commercial sites.

You can now get birth control from your pharmacist in CA


A law passed in 2013 finally takes effect. Now you can get hormonal contraceptives from the pharmacist without a prescription. Here's what you need to know.

Analysis leaves questions about high lead levels near Exide


A state analysis finds 6-year-olds near the former battery recycler had higher blood lead levels, but suggests the age of their homes could also be a factor.