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LA County to test air inside some Porter Ranch homes (updated)

Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images
| The public health department will select 100-200 homes in the most affected area. Testing could begin by the end of next week and will take a couple of weeks.

Did the Porter Ranch gas leak cause long-term health damage?


Experts say answering that question won't be easy, partly because there haven't been similar leaks of this size and duration in a large suburban area.

Nope, it's not too early for springtime allergies


Pollen counts are higher than normal in Southern California. Something similar is happening nationwide: Allergy seasons are starting earlier and lasting longer.

Behavior modification might curb antibiotic overprescribing


A USC-led study finds comparing providers' prescription rates with peers and requiring written justification both led to fewer inappropriate drug orders.

OB-GYNs navigate Catholic hospitals' ethics rules


They must respect their employers' prohibitions on birth control, abortion and sterilization. Some try to find ways to provide these services elsewhere.

How officials are testing Porter Ranch air


Experts are uncertain about the long-term health affects of some of the chemicals that have leaked. Here's how officials are monitoring the air around the gas leak.

Expanded Exide cleanup criticized as too slow


Last August the state identified an expanded area that required testing for lead around the old battery recycler. So far crews have only cleaned five homes there.

LA County expands air monitoring at Porter Ranch gas leak


Testing will now be round the clock. It will include the measurement of other chemicals that occur in natural gas, such as radon.