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Do school fundraisers violate spirit of LA's junk food policy?

Elizabeth Aguilera
| The L.A. Unified School District has long banned sugary sodas and fatty foods, but its rules permit the sale of junk food after school and at off-campus events.

Exide cleanup efforts are incomplete in most cases


Homeowners who had lead-tainted soil removed from their yards can also get an interior cleaning, but few have accepted the offer. Miscommunication may be the culprit.

Student initiative looks to raise water's 'cool factor'


Studies show many kids don't drink enough, especially blacks and Latinos. Chronic dehydration can lead to cognitive problems and digestive disorders.

Study finds measure for fetal growth flawed for non-whites


A government study finds healthy Latino, Black and Asian babies are not born at the same weight as white infant. It suggests different standards for different groups.


Obesity rates are falling among SoCal kids, but not equally


A Kaiser Permanente study found obesity rates for younger, white and Asian kids dropped more than they did for teens, Latinos and African-Americans.

Smartphones distract breastfeeding moms, disrupt bonding


More new moms are spending prolonged amounts of time online while feeding their babies. Experts say that's an important time for bonding.

Mayor weighs in on Homeless ‘state of emergency’ plan


Members of Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday will declare homelessness in the city an emergency and dedicate $100 million to fixing the crisis, do you think it will be enough?

Sidewalk access suit against Long Beach now a class action


The plaintiffs claim that disabled residents and visitors can't travel safely and independently because Long Beach has failed to fix damaged sidewalks.