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Youth vaping leads to tobacco cigarettes, study finds

Raul Lieberwirth/flickr Creative Commons
| A new study finds young people who vape are more likely to begin smoking tobacco cigarettes than their peers who don't use e-cigarettes.

Exide's clean-up of sidewalk strips in contaminated areas on hold


Nearly 200 properties have been cleaned up so far in Boyle Heights and Maywood but residents say crews did not get all the contaminated soil.

Chronic illness keeping young kids out of school, study says


For early learners, illnesses like asthma rather than truancy are major causes for school absences, according to a new report.

Wider Exide contamination hasn't sparked more blood lead tests


The news that many more homes may be contaminated with lead from the shuttered battery recycler has not created greater interest in a free blood lead testing program.

Study suggests teens who vape go on to try tobacco


As state lawmakers consider regulating e-cigs like tobacco, a new study says 14-year-olds who try e-cigarettes are likely to sample other tobacco products.

CDC: 1 in 5 Americans reports having a disability


Limited mobility tops the list and those most impacted by all disabilities are women, seniors, southerners, people of color, and those with less-education and lower incomes

First Person: Brenda Evans helps ex-cons find jobs


When former clients return to say, "'Look, I bought a car, I’m in my own place right now,' there is nothing like it," says Evans.

Judge dismisses suit seeking to legalize assisted suicide


A Superior Court judge rejected plaintiffs' argument that California law prohibiting the practice violates the state's constitution.