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Kamala Harris to review Daughters of Charity bailout deal

St. Francis Medical Center/Facebook
| The BlueMountain investment firm would give the nonprofit $250 million and run Daughters of Charity's six hospitals, including St. Vincent and St. Francis in L.A.

Doctors 'supervise,' but most nurse practitioners work independently


Amid a fight in Sacramento over a bill that would let an N.P. operate without a doctor's oversight, nurse practitioners are already operating fairly independently.

Anti-vax referendum: Voters’ inclination to vote 'No' could undo mandatory vaccines


Opponents of mandatory vaccination have started collecting petition signatures for a referendum that would appear on the November 2016 ballot.

New MLK Hospital pairs an advocate with every patient


In an effort to reduce return visits, MLK has expanded the traditional role of "care managers" - they now help patients throughout treatment and beyond.

County health officials respond to rise in congenital syphilis


The public health department is expanding outreach and education for health care providers and patients.

New MLK hospital opens in South LA


The private, nonprofit hospital fills the void that was left following the 2007 closure of the county-run King/Drew Medical Center.

Is there a vaping culture, and how are American kids interacting with it?


The future of smoking is here, and it comes in a variety of different flavors. ‘Vaping,’ as it’s often called, is the new way to smoke without the smell or taste of a regular cigarette.

First Person: Tim Mann uses running to help the homeless


The program director of Back on My Feet LA says the early morning running program "is not for everybody," but it can help the homeless turn their lives around.