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City of Davis requires milk or water with kids' meals

Steve Helber/AP
| First 5 Yolo, the nonprofit that pushed for the law, believes it's the first of its kind. There have been similar moves in the private sector.

Bill headed to Assembly would allow optometrists to do more


A bill approved by the state Senate and on its way to the Assembly would allow eye doctors to do more procedures and give vaccines.

A push to end violence against transgender immigrants


Immigrant rights groups are expanding their work to combat violence against transgender immigrants, many of whom say they've been victims of attacks.


Doctors debate the ethics of assisted suicide


Physicians who oppose it point to the Hippocratic Oath and the aphorism "Do no harm." Those who support it say helping a suffering person die would not violate the oath.

Major religions agree: 'No' to assisted suicide


While most major faiths say only God can take life, there are those who dissent, arguing that God doesn't want the terminally ill to suffer if they don't want to.

Many haven't gotten recommended cancer screenings


About 20 percent of U.S. women have not gotten a cervical cancer screening, and roughly 25 percent have not gotten a breast cancer screening, according to the CDC.

LA health care for unauthorized immigrants shows promise, but challenges remain


My Health L.A. gives clinics a financial incentive to keep their patients healthier. Clinics are searching for ways to do that without breaking the bank.

LA sues Gardens Regional Hospital for alleged patient dumping [updated]


L.A.'s city attorney says Gardens Regional Hospital and Medical Center dumped a mentally ill homeless woman on Skid Row. The hospital calls the charge "baseless, false."