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'Yeah, I've tried vape.' Teens weigh in on e-cigarettes

| Government studies have shown teens are using e-cigs more than ever, but it's not clear why. Teens in Pomona and Glendale share their views on the phenomenon.

First Person: Philip Cho's journey from jail to mental health activism


A paranoid schizophrenic, Cho says his time spent in L.A. County's Twin Towers jail prompted him to become an activist on behalf of people with mental health problems.


Vaccine bill clears key hurdle in state senate


SB 277 would take away parents' right to opt out of vaccinating their children based on personal beliefs. It now moves to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Morning sickness linked to developmental issues, study says


A UCLA-USC study finds children born to mothers who experienced severe morning sickness are three times more likely to be born with neurodevelopmental problems.

State Senate takes up bill to expand nurse practitioners' authority


Under SB 323, nurse practitioners could operate without a doctor's supervision. The California Medical Association is opposed, saying the bill threatens "team-based care."

More healthy options in South LA, but old eating habits die hard


Nonprofit groups have started farmers markets, planted community gardens and converted corner stores. But the real work is getting people to eat healthier.

CalWORKs will cut aid to ensure kids are vaccinated


The welfare program restores aid it has cut once parents submit proof that their kids under six are fully immunized or are exempt.

$3.7M grant aims to get poor families to buy more produce


California Market Match doubles what people who receive food assistance spend on fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets.